'Wow!….Finally there’s a solution to having my sewing patterns fit, quickly and easily and in my individual shape and size.  And just when I thought I’d never get anything to fit properly again.  I now have an entirely new outlook toward garment sewing knowing the result will fit me!’

Since 1982 Sure-Fit Designs™ patterns have been offering home seamstresses a truly rewarding ‘fit’ experience with a successful outcome.  To read more click About Us.

How it works:
Your unique measurements are applied to the Sure-Fit Designs Master Patterns.  The resulting pattern accurately reflects your body shape and circumferences.  Yes…personalized fit is definitely achievable putting confidence back into your sewing!  

The Sure-Fit Designs™ Dress Pattern Kit:
Is a comprehensive kit consisting of the necessary Master Patterns, Instruction Book, tools and templates, to sew an entire wardrobe of great-fitting, personalized clothes all structured to fit your individual body shape and size. 

With only 11 measurements, achieve your personal body blueprint (your bodice & skirt sloper).  Then countless patterns including blouses, skirts, one and two-piece dresses, jackets and coats are all possible.  All well-fitting and fit just to you.  Designing, sewing instructions, fashion tips and complete patterns are all available within the Dress Kit.  To see and understand what the Dress Kit can do for you, click on the short informative videos on this page.

Dress Kit & Discounted Combos::

The Dress Kit Contents - What's in the kit?: 
  • Master Pattern - Front Bodice & Skirt
  • Master Pattern - Back Bodice  & Skirt
  • Master Pattern - Sleeves (both Woven & Knit)
  • Master Pattern - Collar Collection
  • Adjust-A-Bust template
  • Waist Darts template
  • Armscye template
  • new 6th Edition Dress Kit Instruction Book - 56-pg.  - value in every page. 

Blouses, tops, skirts, any style of two-piece or one-piece dresses, and jackets or coats can be designed with this flexible fitting, sewing & designing kit.
Dress Kit Introduction and Contents
Listen...as I introduce you to the updated Sure-Fit Designs™ Dress Kit.  Just click on the forward arrow button to listen and watch this video.

Additional videos - Dress Kit Series - click here
For Your Information/Awareness:
The essential Designing Stylus (curved drawing tool - unique to the Sure-Fit Designs™ patterns and system) is required to draw the curves of this Dress Kit pattern components.  The Designing Stylus is not included with the individual Dress Kit.  However, it is included if you purchase one of the Dress Kit Combos.
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Watch how to use the Sure-Fit Designs™
Adjust-A-Bust template found in the Dress Kit.
All from the Dress kit:
  • Dresses
  • Blouses
  • Jackets
  • Skirts
  • Coats
Option - Order by Phone
in Oregon:
Bolero Jacket
Sure-Fit Designs Beyond Bodice Basics
Dress/bodice designs book
Beyond Bodice Basics (BBB)
Click Here for more details
SFD Dress Kit (no Designing Stylus) = $49.95
*The Designing Stylus is required to draw the SFD patterns; a 'No-Stylus' option is offered for customers that have a Stylus from a previous purchase. 
Use the drop-down arrow directly below to view the available Dress Kit and discounted *Combos.
Beyond Bodice Basics
Princess LIne with Empire Dress design line
Cowl Neck Blouse design
Diagonal Hemmed Cardigan
International Orders Welcome!
When ordering from International countries, simply choose the item(s) you wish to purchase, then when in the Shopping Cart, enter your country and postal code on the left hand side of the cart, then click Update Cart.  The appropriate international postage will be added. 

For more information on ordering and/or ordering from an international country, please click here for more details.
Want a discount?  See what is in the Combo packages.  CLICK HERE for the Quick Combo Comparison Chart
The Dress Kit Combo - what's in this Combo, see the video shown to the right:
-the Dress Kit
-the Designing Stylus
-the SFD How-To DVD
-the 10 yd Tracing Vellum
-Beyond Bodice Basics

The new designing book - Beyond Bodice Basics (BBB) is included in the discounted Dress Kit Combo.
Sure-Fit Designs Designing Stylus
Sure-Fit Designs  Bodice Fitting Course DVD
Bodice Fitting Course DVD (BFC)
If you're looking to take your bodice fitting knowledge to a in-depth level, we've just introduced the newest fitting course - the Bodice Fitting Course on DVD.
BFC now included in the *MAXI Dress Kit Combo. Click here for DVD lesson details.
Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit
Sure-Fit Designs Dress KIt Contents
Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit Combo
Dress Kit & Discounted Combos::

SFD Dress Kit (no Designing Stylus) = $49.95
*The Designing Stylus is required to draw the SFD patterns; a 'No-Stylus' option is offered for customers that have a Stylus from a previous purchase. 
Use the drop-down arrow directly below to view the available Dress Kit and discounted *Combos.
Sure-Fit Designs
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Dress Kit
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Dress Kit Contents
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  • Instructions for this 'Pretty in Peach Princess Jacket' design
  • Instructions for the Color-Blocked T-Shirt
  • 4-pg. essential Guide to Sewing Notions
  • Drawing tool - Designer's Companion (** with 1st order filled in the USA)

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To see what the Designer's Companion is used for and how it is different from the Designing Stylus, please click here.
Sure-Fit Designs Free Getting Started Gifts
What's in the discounted Dress Kit Combo options:

Mini Dress Kit Combo = Dress  Kit, Stylus & How-To DVD

Reg Dress Kit Combo = Dress  Kit, Stylus & How-To DVD. 1x10yd Tracing Vellum & designing book 'Beyond Bodice Basics'.

Maxi Dress Kit Combo = Dress  Kit, Stylus & How-To DVD. 1x10yd Tracing Vellum, designing book 'Beyond Bodice Basics' & the Bodice Fitting Course DVD - an indepth tutorial on working with the Dress Kit bodice.

When it says 'Dress Kit Only', it means exactly that.  You'd receive just the Dress Kit at regular retail price - no discounts.

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